Catering & Nutrition

We use the BAPEN tool, a National Nutritional screening tool.

By using this Government tool we can closely monitor residents weight. if necessary we then can use the prescription food chart to enhance their diet with extra calories.

We do this by using the recipes provided for example 60ml of double cream with flavoured syrup or highly calorific milkshakes.

berry shake

Our menus are produced by asking the residents upon admission their likes and dislikes

  • We use fresh seasonal food
  • Our fruit and veg is purchased from a market every week
  • Our meat comes from a free range butcher weekly

We review choices at monthly care plan reviews, 6 monthly resident and relative meetings and during the annual quality assurance process.

salad nutrition

We cater for specialist diets:

  • Diabetic
  • Reducing
  • Full Fat
  • Soft
  • Cultural dietary needs

Sample menus:

Menu 1

Menu 2